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Professional Loan Placement

Professional Loan PlacementProfessional Loan Placement
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We're not a lender; we help lenders get better rates for their clients.

Want to check on a multifamily rate quickly?

Just launched! Fill out a form and receive a rate indication right away for multifamily and healthcare HUD- and USDA-insured deals.

Rate Lock:

(n.) The moment in time when a mortgage loan's interest rate is fixed. The rate lock is not confirmed until borrower and lender have agreed to all terms and conditions via contract. Cannot be undone without penalty.


(adj.) Of or relating to housing dwelling units of 3 or more. Commonly known as apartments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, elderly housing, and the like.

(n.) A class of housing commonly referred to as rental housing. The opposite of single family.

Agency Lending:

(n.) A type of mortgage finance that utilizes loan guarantees from federal public and semi-public agencies. The Federal Housing Administration, GNMA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac are all agencies in the Agency Lending space. 

(n.) A vehicle through which multifamily borrowers can secure lower interest rates on their loans when they commit to providing affordable housing.


If you're an FHA MAP lender, or aspire to become one, you've come to the right place. Branig Capital Markets is your resource for assistance with loan pricing in the agency marketplace. Our lender customers ask us to assist with loan prepayment structure, indications, locking the rate, and the loan delivery process. Branig is an advocate for the loan you've created and we'll stay with you from ideation until your deal is closed--and beyond! We want to be your capital markets partner. 

Work with us to increase productivity, improve data integrity, 

and gain full control over lock management.

How we help MAP lenders, in basis-point increments:

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