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Professional Loan Placement

Professional Loan PlacementProfessional Loan Placement

FHA Multifamily Mortgage Rates

Industry Knowledge

The Biggest FHA Lenders

Real-Time Information

Chances are, you've got FHA loan originators that haven't experienced the market struggles we witnessed in the early 2000's and throughout the financial crisis. Branig is able to explain today's complexities against the backdrop of learned experiences, benefiting your firm and your clients.

Real-Time Information

The Biggest FHA Lenders

Real-Time Information

News travels at the speed of the internet, and we're connected to real-time financial news and market information. When news is happening that affects FHA Multifamily mortgage rates, we're on top of it. It's hard to access all of the information affecting the markets, but we've got our finger on the FHA Multifamily Market's pulse.

The Biggest FHA Lenders

The Biggest FHA Lenders

The Biggest FHA Lenders

Notable clients, past and present, represent the finest FHA Multifamily lenders in the business. We're proud of our relationships, and we can find solutions for you because we can tap our network of experts for advice.

Value Not Found Elsewhere


Minute-by-Minute Market Information

From the market's open until closing, we have access to live information which will help you keep your borrowers informed about mortgage rates. Offering lower rates could mean a competitive advantage for your firm. We know when rates are falling and rising, and how they're affected by economic news--in real time.


Guidance Through Volatile Times

Whether you were working through the Financial Crisis or not, you were aware of the frantic pace of change in both the bond and equity markets. Our clients weathered the storm and were able to place loans with investors when other lenders were unable to get a bidder on the phone. 


Relationships Based On Trust

Integrity matters, and our track record speaks for itself. Our clients were praised by Ginnie Mae in 2013 for offering the very lowest mortgage rates in the HUD multifamily industry. 

Why Work With Branig?

Trust and Integrity

It's true we are independent. We're not affiliated with a large Wall Street investment bank, but those institutions trust us to be honest with them. And because of that, we can put together solutions that are unique to your circumstances. We solve problems.

How Do You Know We Can Do What We Say?

If you're the type of person who relies on references and testimonials, we'll be glad to provide the phone numbers of our existing clients and the investors we work with on Wall Street.